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South America



Australia / Pacific Ocean






Runs on North American islands:
Legend (running distance): M=marathon, HM=halfmarathon



Bermuda Marathon ("Intl' Race Weekend") (M, HM, 10 km), next race: 17/18 January 2004


Cape Sable Island (Nova Scotia)

Nova Scotia Marathon (M, HM), next race: 27 Jul 2003
"Most of this run is around Cape Sable Island, on the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia." (Thanks for info: Mark Wickens)


--Overview of all races on the NLAA website.
--Tely 10 Road Race (10 Miles), next race: 27 Jul 2003
"I live on the island of Newfoundland and about 5 miles from the most easterly point in North America. I have been running now for 3.5 years. Here are some links of interest you may want to include in you site." (Thanks for info: Guy Beazley)

Vancouver Island

--Island Race Series.



Barbados Marathon (M, HM, 10 km)

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Marathon (M, HM)


Habana Marathon (M, HM)


Curacao Marathon (M, HM), race time: November



Jamaica Marathon (M)


Trinidad Marathon (M, HM)

Virgin Islands
Various races on V.I. Pace Runners Homepage

Virgin Islands Halfmarathon (HM)

USA - Westcoast

Catalina Island (CA)

Catalina Marathon (M, 5+10 km)

Mare Island (CA)

Mare Island to Medusa (5+10 km)

Mercer Island (Washington)

Mercer Island Halfmarathon (HM, 8 km)


USA - Eastcoast

Great Island (NH)

Great Island 5k (5 km)

Kiawah Island (SC)

Kiawah Island Marathon (M, HM, 5 km)

Long Island (NY)

Overview of all races here

Manhattan (NY-City)

New York City Marathon (M)
Note: Please count only Manhattan Island for the island races award (not Staten Island which is hardly touched)
--Report 2009 by Sebastian Lüning (in german).

Marco Island (FL)

Marco Island Hill Run (5 Miles)

Oak Island (NC)

Oak Island Lighthouse 10k (10 km)

Outer Banks (NC)

Biathlon (400m/800m/2800 m)

Staten Island (NY-City)

New York City Marathon (M)


USA - Lake islands

Belle Isle (MI)

Belle Isle (2, 3, 5 km), many races throughout the year
"It's 5.4 miles around and has many inside routes. It used to be the cite of the Detroit marathon before they changed the course. There's a deep tradition of racing on the island." (Thanks for info: Thomas Simons)

Mackinac Isl. (MI)

Mackinac Island Great Turtle Run (HM, 5.7 Mile), next race: 25 October 2003
A great race that travels the interior trails of Mackinac Island. Expect some hills and some beautiful scenery in this fun and competitive event. (Thanks for info: Thomas Simons)

Mackinac Island Eight Mile Run & Walk (8 Mile), next race: 6 September 2003
Registration (Thanks for info: Thomas Simons)

Mackinac Island Lilac Festival 10k (10 km), next race: 7 June 2003



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